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Children’s Immunisation Clinics

Our children immunisation clinics are run on various days of the week by one of our Practice Nurses. Please book an appointment at reception. Your Health Visitor will be able to give full details of the immunisation programme for under 5’s and older children.

Chronic Disease Management

Regular monitoring for patients with Chronic Disease conditions are undertaken by the GPs and Nurses. If you are unsure whether to see a Nurse or Doctor please ask at reception and we can advise you.

Contraceptive Services

The Practice offers a full range of contraceptive advice and treatments, including contraceptive injections, Mirena and Contraceptive Implants. Insertion, annual check up and removal of Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (IUDs / Coils).

Thinking of starting a family?

If you are considering becoming pregnant, come and talk to our Nurses. We can provide you with a full range of pre-pregnancy advice including advice on folic acid, diet, exercise and abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes.

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

Annual monitoring for all patients with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD, angina, heart failure, history of heart attack or stroke) is offered at the surgery by the nurses.


If you would like to access this service please consult your Doctor.

Diabetes Clinic

Dr Sira runs the Practice’s Diabetic Service and offers a wide range of services including annual reviews and follow-up appointments.

Diet Advice & Weight Management

The Practice Nurses offer dietary and lifestyle advice to patients, family and carers. They are able to advise and support patients wishing to lose weight.

Free NHS Health Check (for those aged 40 to 74)

These clinics are run by our practice nurse and health care assistant and the appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. Please enquire at reception.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Regular monitoring and annual reviews for patients with hypertension (raised blood pressure) are undertaken by the GPs and Nurses.

Influenza Vaccination

In September each year we offer free flu vaccinations to high-risk patients.

Please book a flu vaccine appointment if you are over 65 or you are a carer or have a history of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, liver or renal problems or live/work in institutions or nursing homes

Nursing Team

The nursing team at the Cedar Brook Practice has a wide range of specialist expertise in Asthma, Diabetes, Respiratory Disease, Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Sexual Health, Child Health, Family Planning, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Well Man, Well Woman, Diet and Life Style Advice and Travel Health and Immunisations.

Respiratory Disease (Asthma, COPD) Clinic

These clinics are run by our practice nurses, offering regular monitoring and Annual Reviews. Spirometry testing is also available.

Sexual Health Services

A comprehensive family planning service is available during normal surgery hours led by the Practice Nurses.

Cervical smears are recommended for all women aged 25-50 years every three years, and every five years for women aged 50-65 years of age. These are carried out by appointment during surgery hours by one of the Nurses.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening (including Chlamydia) is available from the Nurses and Doctors.

Menopause advice and Hormone Replacement Therapy advice is available from the Nurses and Doctors.

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